Trypophobia Test For Every iPhone 11 User

Trypophobia Test For Every iPhone 11 User

After the release of the latest iPhone and the announcement made by Apple, critics and more especially a lot of people suffering from mild to chronic Trypophobia have come out to condemn the unfair adoption of the latest iPhone camera design.

If you ask me, I get “somehow” when I see uneven holes it just irks me. I didn’t even know there was a word like Trypophobia before yesterday.

If you’re like me reading this and have no idea what Trypophobia means or is, well this is a good place to start.

Trypophobia is a feeling of fear or disgust when presented with images of irregularly shaped holes. Moreover, It has been hypothesized that these patterns are associated with diseases so there is an evolved emotional trigger that can be activated by such images.

trypophobia test every iphone user should take

I read in a report that everyone does have a case of Trypophobia, including you, no you won’t die from it, I mean its unlikely that anyone will die from trypophobia. Some are very sensitive to it and some others are just not as sensitive.

trypophobia test every iphone user should take

For me, the iPhone camera doesn’t affect me and if I had the money to buy; I probably would buy it (maybe if you patronize any of our services, I might just have enough money to buy).

Trypophobia Test Every iPhone User Must Take

Trust Twitter Nigeria to have its own share of outburst, here are some snippets of what people were saying.

Back to the matter, are you Trypophobic? Not Sure, you can take a simple test to know if you are. The test will let you know how Trypophobic you are.

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The Other Big Question

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