Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites

Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites

Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites

Here are simple ways to detect scam websites and online businesses 

If you have lived long enough in the internet age, you must’ve been burned by scammers or know someone who has.

I remember one time when I paid 1BTC to an online merchant to receive an increase. Let’s just say a week later the website was off the internet and that was it.

These things happen and it will be wise for you to secure yourself.

The thing about scam online business or platforms is this, they are out to profit from your loss. This must be done regardless of how long it takes them.

Without wasting ore time, these are the Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites

The two major ways of finding out are
1. Anonymity
2. A too good to be true offer (this needs explanation)

1. Anonymity

Most people would not go to a hospital where they don’t know the doctor or ever seen a doctor. They want to know names, some even go as far as asking when did you finish, where did you finish from. Most people go online and ask questions.

This is because no one wants to fall in the hand of a quack. This must be our approach towards our information on the internet and our money as well.

So, when you want to know from this angle if a website or online business is legit, here are 4 things to do

  • Search on Nairaland: I can’t stress this enough, that place is gold and many Nigerians are so honest about their experiences on the platform. Read comments and reviews about what you’re interested in doing.
    There are 2 things involved though, if no noise about it, then it is fairly new and requires time to prove itself. The other thing is if you see bad comments, run. Let us face the facts you, didn’t discover the online business first in Nigeria.
  • Use Who is: who is is a site that allows you to know who registered a domain, where they are, when the domain was registered and other details. it is a very helpful tool I use and I trust it will help you in understanding the terrain. The site is
  • Check Social media: Do they have a face to the business? You know, why things go sideways, do you have a face or a name to hold on to? That right there is a means to discover online platforms aiming at your hard-earned money. What is their Facebook like?
  • Physical Location: This is very important. Can the location be traceable? Can you walk into their office or at least the home address? This is actually very true because you want to be able to put a face and an address to the name.

Generally, people trust businesses that have physical locations they can easily check up on google.


2. A too good to be true offer (TGTBTO)

This one deserves some explaining so you don’t mix things up. An offer of where you invest X amount of money and get x^2 in 24 hours is too good to be true.

You have heard of binomo haven’t you? That is a good example of a TGTBTO. A business where they are selling nothing but as you bring in the money others under you pay you just for paying sake no product by the side or service what is it? TGTBTO

When you see the price of a product ridiculously below the market price, there is surely something fishy about it. It is a TGTBTO RUN

Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites

If you combine the Simple Ways To Detect Scam Websites you will be able to save yourself from a lot of stress and heartbreak in the long run.


There are so many ways to discover these scam sites, tell me what you think of the list, and if you will add anything else.

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