How You Can Say I Know

How You Can Say I Know

How You Can Say I Know

In the previous post “Before You Say I Don’t Know” , I wrote about one of my secret weapons “Let me get back to you on that” and I must confess it really is a lifesaver. It saves your reputation and shows your client that you’re one given to research and get your facts right.


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In this post, I will be discussing my second secret weapon …drum roll… 🥁🥁🥁 “Can you give me a few minutes to arrange my thoughts?” this is a question, a polite question at that. Unlike the former secret weapon where you can use it in order to get back to the person at a much later time.


how you can say i knowJust to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for time to think things through in a negotiation. No shame, no feeling of not enough, nothing. All you need is time to think and get your facts straight.


How To Use Weapon

This weapon is for quick responses. You know those moments when you would almost qualify for having a nervous break down for lack of knowledge, or those moments that can make or break a business deal and you just need to make one last Google Search or one last phone call.


It could be that you need to remember a particular cost or detail. Rather than making the mistake of messing things up with a wrong quotation or detail, you can throw in the “Can you give me a few minutes to arrange my thoughts?” line.


It’s a perfect fit, it gives your client the power to say yes or no. Shows them that you need their go-ahead which further gives them a sense of being a part of the decision making process.

If you are in a physical meeting, at this point, you pick up your phone and step out. With an online meeting, you kindly log off to get back to them.


I hear you ask “what will they do in the period I’m away”; lol they will bite their nails, drink coffee, check their twitter or Whatsapp status or whatever else people do when they’re waiting for someone with vital information.


You don’t have to hurriedly make a decision that can tie you down or cause a bad deal. Be confident enough to go through the process. This is how you can say I know.

Do you have other secret weapons or variations of these ones? Kindly let me know in the comments section.

I love to read your comments.

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