before you say i dont know

Before You Say I Don’t Know

Before you say I don’t know

As a young professional, a business owner or creative into freelancing, you get a lot of people asking you questions.

“Do you know blah blah blah”, “what is so and so” “when does so do so” and most times, a lot of people sell themselves short by immediately offering a response. And more often than not you hear the “I don’t know” line.

Being in the business of relating with people selling al sorts, ranging from mobile phones (UK used) as at 2009 to making shirts, to selling books, to selling spiral bind materials, to selling catfish, to selling Irish potato, organizing choirs and concerts, to scoring music, to training people in music, to database management, to more recently, digital marketing, web development, running e-commerce stores etc, I have come across several if not hundreds of “Do you know” questions, and I have made a mistake with answering too soon to some of them.

I have learned my lessons and maybe you can also.

Watch this;

The world thrives on knowledge, people say money makes the world go round, I think knowledge makes money go round.

before you say i don't knowThink about it for a moment, look at the market place, the big companies you know, the brands you buy, there is something they seem to know that makes you patronize them.

It’s in the knowledge.

When people come at you with the “Do you know” question before you say I don’t know, say either of these two things…

1. Let me get back to you on that

This is a winner every damn time. Especially when you’re on a phone call or face to face with the person you can make such a statement. A simple -Let me get back to you on that- can save you a great deal.

A little personal experience, I was on a phone call with a soon-to-be client and she asked my opinion on two platforms for email marketing, to be honest, I was hearing the second name for the first time. I immediately threw in my secret weapon “Let me get back to you on that ma”.

After the call, I did a simple Google search and I learned a thing and more about the platform. I got back to her and she knew I was a professional because I did extensive pros and cons of both.

You can have such an effect on your clients and even colleagues. Before you say I don’t know, say “Let me get back to you on that”

I will share the second in subsequent posts…

Kindly let me know if this was of help to you.

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